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Real-time data from rooms in Hursley House

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Welcome to the home page for the IBM Hursley Living Lab project. The fundamental aim of this project is to use Internet of Things technologies and IBM products to improve the experience of visiting or working at the Hursley Site. We hope that this will enable us to build up a living lab which shows IBM offerings and partner products in action, providing real value. The first stage of the project has started with the Executive Briefing Centre in Hursley House, which is a grade 2* listed building and brings the challenge that there is a rigorous approval process to make any changes. This was part of the drive to use IoT technologies, which can work around these restrictions. One of the major issues with Hursley House is that it has a Victorian heating system so the rooms are often too cold or too hot.

How It Works

To try and improve the environment in the rooms we have set up a network of sensors to monitor the temperature and occupancy (true or false) or the rooms, and that is the data you can see displayed here. If a room is outside of the desired temperature range we can send a notification which allows a briefing consultant to take action to improve the temperature.

Future Developments

Moving forward we plan to invest in hardware which will allow us to have more control over the EBC environment, for example programmable lights and blinds. We also plan to link in with the EBC booking system so we can pre-prepare a comfortable environment in the rooms and account for the effect of people being present. We eventually want to expand the project to the whole site and bring in a wider range of technologies to achieve a variety of beneficial tasks. This could include things like implementing circadian lighting and monitoring the water on the site, but really the possibilities are endless!